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Since 1977 we have been offering unique travel experiences in Peru, Chile, and Argentina, designed just for you by our European-Peruvian luxury travel experts

Since 1977 we have been offering unique travel experiences in Peru, Chile, and Argentina, designed just for you by our European-Peruvian luxury travel experts

Travel with peace of mind with us

Our designer's travel experiences each offered on a private basis, include the must-see sights from each region with some lesser-known highlights to top it all off. We pride ourselves on being able to support local communities and entrepreneurs while creating safe and unique experiences for you to enjoy.

Andean Explorer, Cusco, Puno & Arequipa
from 6590 USD
Culture Luxury Photography
South Peru With Unique Hotels
 from 7220 USD
Culture Honeymoon Luxury Photography
Rainbow Mountain & Machu Picchu
 from 2850 USD
Adventure Culture Photography
Chile for Connoisseurs
from 7250 USD
Off The Beaten Path Luxury Photography
Highlights of Northern Argentina
from 3149 USD
Culture Honeymoon Photography
Santiago, Historic Vineyard & Explora Atacama
from 5420 USD
Adventure Culture Family Honeymoon Luxury

Travel designers since 1977

For over four decades we have been exploring Peru, gaining a deeper knowledge and creating personalized experiences for our travelers. An increased interest from our clients made it possible to start our own operations in Argentina and Chile in 2013. We consider ourselves to be an old start-up company as we are constantly changing, pivoting, rethinking and tinkering. Many of our journeys include an element of sustainable tourism, aiming to make a positive impact on society, the environment and the economy. Setours today is still a Peruvian-Austrian family-run travel designer and from 2017 have grown into a talented cosmopolitan team across 2 continents, driven by passion, attention to detail and a love for our destinations.


Insider Stories & News

Our specialists travel extensively to each of our destinations in search of the best accommodation, sites to visit as well as the best-kept secrets each destinations has to offer. We enjoy sharing updates with you and love seeing yours too. Use the hashtag #SetoursSA to share your experience with us.

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Is the ‘Titicaca Train’ the best way to get to/from Cusco & Puno?

Traverse the unforgettable route from Cusco to Puno and embrace the endless panoramic views. Alternatives to the Titicaca train include a tourist bus, private transportation or a bi-weekly flight. ...

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We know the meaning of going the 'extra mile'

We know the meaning of going the 'extra mile'


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